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Changing the world through cosplay

Changing the world through cosplay

  • Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con!!! Time to Party again!

    Yes Cosplayers! It is that time of year again to raid the closets, brainstorm and bring out this prized new costumes to show off in glorious fashion to all convention goers. It is that time to step out of yourself and into that alter ego and pretend for a day or three that you are on the island of the lost boys. Captain Hook is on vacation, and you get to be a super hero. They may think you can’t fly, but your heart is soaring! You get to meet people like Matt Smith, Dean Cain and Wil Wheaton, dress in your finest Geek Cosplay and stop by Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids’ Booth to have your photo taken. Yours might be the one selected to go in one of our 2015 calendars!!!  It is a great way to start the year!! Look around and you may see cosplayers that have been in previous years calendars. This year, we are doing something different! We are offering PROOFS on site!!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone there in their Cosplay finest!!!

  • Updates


    (August 23-25)Geek Girls will be at MechaCon!!! Look for us and we will be scheduling photo sessions for our 2015 calendars.

    2014 CALENDARS!!!

    The Calendars are available online!!! Click the Buy the Calendar link at the top of the page to select your favorite or order all three!!! A big thank you for each and every volunteer that posed for shots with our wonderful photographers.

    501(c)3 Status:

    The application has been paid for and is in the hands of the IRS. it is being reviewed and our status is pending.

    Cup Cake Social:

    We are in the process of planning a Cup Cake Social Charity Fund Raiser event. We would like to invite Fan Groups to participate to compete with their best gourmet cupcakes. The event will also have an auction to benefit our charity Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids. More details to follow as it approaches..

    Name Confusion:

    Geek Girls With Guns was the original name of our first Calendar and the founding name of the group. Since then, the group has grown to encompass more than just Girls. We have changed the group’s name to GEEKS EMPOWERING EXTRAORDINARY KIDS, or GEEKs for short. We intend to continue to make our Geek Girls with Guns calendar as long as Girls cosplay with guns! Thank you everyone for helping us make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. (This year Gov. Jingal cut the funding to programs like Early Steps for early intervention speech and physical therapy. Your help is needed more than ever.)

  • April Follies

    In reflecting over the past month or two, I realize the multiple ups and downs I have personally had in my life.  These challenges have not allowed me to post on a regular basis and allowed The Geek Endowment Krewe to take a side burner to things like multiple back surgeries and school issues for the kids.  I will share a couple of valuable lessons that I have learned.  If you receive a call from school stating that your child’s teacher has been suspended for striking a student, you are permitted to ask the following questions.  “Was my child the child that was hit?”  “If my child was the child that was hit, would you be allowed to tell me?”    It really saved me from trying to interrogate my almost nonverbal child.  When asked if he was hit by his teacher, my son said no at first, then said something I couldn’t understand (which could have been another student’s name and then said “in school” .  My heart just sank.  I pray for every child in his class and every student.  I feel sorry for the special ed teacher who has jeopardized her career.  I know that my son mimics behaviors, but this is one that I hope that he never picks up.  I also pray that no other parent of a special need child ever experiences this horror.  Look for strange behavior and unexplained bruises.  You can never be too cautious.

    On another note, Geek Girls With Guns attended Coast Con and had a wonderful time. We sold calendars even in March! Adrian Paul gave us a shout out on both his Facebook and Twitter Pages and promised to mention us on his radio show.  He told us how he likes the smaller charities that don’t have the massive expense costs and overheads.  Hey, that’s us! Volunteers all the way!!!  And I have to thank our Volunteers who came out in force once again! We had costumers galore show up for our wonderful Rick Heno to photograph.  Steven Dale also took shots for the convention too.  We are also talking about making a coffee table book in addition to the calendars to have a longer shelf life.

    Our next event is Louisiana Scifi Con in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday April 5th thru Sunday April 7th.  Come out and see us!  Lots of stuff on the horizon.  Stay tuned!!!

  • Costuming on a Budget

    Our Costuming on a Budget panel at the Jefferson Parish Public Library was well attended for a rainy day. We had several Guest Speakers from various fan groups around the city. Costuming techniques from silk screening to fiberglass were explained to those who attended. We also had handouts for Do It Yourself Starfleet cosplay so people could build their gear for Mardi Gras. The most popular was the Steam Punk and the presentation of G.E.A.R.S. House of Shock was even represented. Special thanks to Chris Smith, Julie and Frank Schiavo, Brian Held, The members of G.E.A.R.S.(Jacob, James and Brian), Tess Alligood, Renee Suttles, and Angel Okanami.
    (also Robert Cerio for watching my kids)

    Our next outing is The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Prytania Theater February 8th at Midnight!!! Don’t Dream It!! Be IT!!!

  • Short Story Submissions [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

    Anthology: Call for Submissions
    Geek Endowment Krewe will be publishing an anthology for our charity this year. In continuing with this year’s theme, Geek Girls With Guns, you may use any interpretation of this title as you wish with a strong female making a difference. Special preference will be given to stories that include special needs children overcoming challenges. Our charity was founded to make a difference in the lives of challenged children, and we are looking for inspirational and moving stories that will make a difference in people’s perspective of reality and life. We would like submissions from any and all sci-fi and fantasy genres. Yes, this can include romance, steampunk and gothic horror. Non-fiction will be accepted but is not preferred. Submissions should be able to pass the Bechdel Test.

    Submissions must be double spaced and submitted no later than February 28th, 2013. Submissions should be no longer than 7000 words. Anything longer will be deemed ineligible. Submissions must be emailed to cheri@geekgirlswithguns.com. There will be no financial compensation for your submission as this is a charity work. This charity is the Geek Endowment Krewe and proceeds will benefit challenged children in need. Find out more about our organization at www.geekgirlswithguns.com or on our Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/geekgirlswithguns

  • Have you seen our Video?

  • Wizard World Update

    I have just finished creating the database for everyone that posed for photos at  Wizard World.  I am now going through the list attempting to find everyone on Facebook.  If you left contact information for me, you will receive a friend request from me.  Please don’t ask for copies yet.  We are still processing the photos.  By the way… They look GREAT!!!

  • Geek Endowment Krewe at CONtraflow

    GĒK had a fantastic time at the debut event of our calendar!!! Many supporters came out in force and showed support for our charity and our efforts! The convention was fun too. There were many events for the geek girl which included costuming panels, gaming panels and writing panels.

    After the learning activities were done, the real fun began. Options like Laser Tag, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday, and fan clubs hosting room parties on Saturday while there was constant 24 hour gaming going on and a video game doom two made convention goers constantly HAVE to make the hard choice!!! Can hardly wait to see what next year has in store.

  • Welcome to Geek Girls with Guns!

    This website is under continuous development… but then, what website isn’t?

     WHO WE ARE:

    We are your friends, neighbors, housewives, and daughters… all united by a common love of sci-fi and fantasy cosplay and GUNS!!!! We recognize that with great power such as ours comes great responsibility, and so have banded together to use our unique talents to make a charity calendar to help others.

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