Changing the world through cosplay

Changing the world through cosplay

Short Story Submissions [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

Anthology: Call for Submissions
Geek Endowment Krewe will be publishing an anthology for our charity this year. In continuing with this year’s theme, Geek Girls With Guns, you may use any interpretation of this title as you wish with a strong female making a difference. Special preference will be given to stories that include special needs children overcoming challenges. Our charity was founded to make a difference in the lives of challenged children, and we are looking for inspirational and moving stories that will make a difference in people’s perspective of reality and life. We would like submissions from any and all sci-fi and fantasy genres. Yes, this can include romance, steampunk and gothic horror. Non-fiction will be accepted but is not preferred. Submissions should be able to pass the Bechdel Test.

Submissions must be double spaced and submitted no later than February 28th, 2013. Submissions should be no longer than 7000 words. Anything longer will be deemed ineligible. Submissions must be emailed to There will be no financial compensation for your submission as this is a charity work. This charity is the Geek Endowment Krewe and proceeds will benefit challenged children in need. Find out more about our organization at or on our Facebook fan page

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  1. Hello Krystal (Crystal I don’t know sorry) I have some suggestions for recpies and one more thing. First things first, since i was to lazy to look them up on my own, i looked at your master list of every food mentioned. So a few things that caught my eye were the fish shaped bread from district 4 spotted with seaweed, How festive with the new finnick casting! Second Cream and rose petal soup, I’m not going to lie this is an interesting’ one, you don’t have to consider that one. Third, CINNAmon and dill bread, all pun intended. And last but not least fresh from the force field roasted nuts! One last question, can you please make a mockingjay recipe list? Thank you for reading this I’ll be listening to fireside chat!

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